Violin Teacher, Fiddle Lessons, and Professional Musician

Violin Teacher, Fiddle Lessons, and Professional Musician

Violin Teacher, Fiddle Lessons, and Professional MusicianViolin Teacher, Fiddle Lessons, and Professional Musician


 Cathy has directed and led The Music Circle, a monthly jam session  for students of many instruments, since 1989. Cathy refers to the Music Circle as a "civilized session" because musicians sit in a circle, build  a common repertoire together, take turns choosing the music, and each  musician starts the music at a tempo that s/he is comfortable with. No  one is left out from any tune because all musicians are instructed in  how to play back up if the tempo that another musician chooses is too  fast for them. The Music Circle is always friendly, welcoming,  encouraging, and all-inclusive.

    Cathy also currently leads and directs the Chamber Ensemble, welcoming musicians of all ages who are learning to play light Classical and Baroque music  together in a positive and encouraging group.

   Cathy is the music director/designer for the major plays at the Maryland  Renaissance Festival, researching and selecting music of the period and  composing some original music to accompany the plays. She directs  musicians and also accompanies the plays, herself, on violin, bowed  psaltery, harp, drums, and sound effect instruments.

    In 2011 and 2012 Cathy created and directed "The Young Musician's  Ensemble" at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. She auditioned, trained,  and directed teenage musicians to create original arrangements,  rehearse, and perform together as a professional music group. She also  taught them to dance as they played their instrument as part of their  performance.

   In 2011-2013 Cathy created and directed  "The Mount Airy Young Musician's Ensemble" training young musicians to  compose, create original harmonies, and arrange their original music for  performances at assisted living centers.