Violin Teacher, Fiddle Lessons, and Professional Musician

Violin Teacher, Fiddle Lessons, and Professional Musician

Violin Teacher, Fiddle Lessons, and Professional MusicianViolin Teacher, Fiddle Lessons, and Professional Musician



"We were so fortunate to find Cathy Palmer! She's been teaching our daughter violin for 4 years. My husband and son also play banjo and mandolin in her monthly music circle. Cathy is always patient and kind. She's very organized; she balances lessons with music theory, sight reading, and playing "by ear" while using selections from a wide range of traditional and classical music books. During lessons, in addition to playing solo, students also play in duet with her. Students are encouraged to develop their own musical tastes and select favorite music pieces to work on, whether it be traditional, classical, or both. She also has a fun practice reward system for young kids. We are very pleased with the musical understanding, appreciation, and performance skills that our daughter has acquired from Cathy. In fact, under Cathy's guidance, our whole family has developed a life-long love for music. Thank-you, Cathy!"
~ The V. H. Family

"Cathy Palmer is not just a violin instructor; she is a skilled performer with a passion for music which she eagerly works to pass on to any student with a heart to learn. Her approach to teaching violin stirs up excitement in her students by giving them confidence through personalized skill building as well as through opportunities to participate in group practice sessions and performances. Cathy's instruction focuses on a wide range of skills: scales, music sight reading, playing by ear, committing music to memory, etc. Beyond her ability as a violin instructor, Cathy is friendly and kindhearted. She invests herself in and delights in the success of her students. Additionally, violin lessons with Cathy are affordable and available lesson times are varied and flexible, when necessary.
I am thrilled to recommend Cathy Palmer to prospective or current violin students of any age."

~ M.E.R., mother of student

"Miss Cathy has a love for the violin and for music that makes me excited to learn. During lessons, she is kind, cheerful, and clear with her instructions. She is encouraging and tells me how to improve. Whenever I come across something I don't understand, she takes time to explain it in a useful, logical way. The weekly assignments for practice are varied and interesting, including exercises and scales as well as memorized music. Miss Cathy has a lot of knowledge of the history of the music and it is fun to hear the stories behind the music you are learning. The opportunities she offers outside of lessons are wonderful. I have been able to be a part of two music groups, which allows me to gain experience playing with other people. Before each music group meets, Miss Cathy makes sure I am fully prepared for the music they will be playing. I am deeply grateful for being able to find Miss Cathy. If you want to learn the violin, she is a talented. pleasant, and caring teacher who will love to pass on her knowledge to you."

~ C.R., student


Additional Testimonials

Thank-you, Cathy, for all that you have done for (my son) musically. He loves to go to his violin lessons and he works harder at practicing because you are so encouraging to him. My daughter and I even enjoy going to his lessons because your music room is so comfortable and peaceful! (My son) is so much more dedicated than I ever thought he would be and he has progressed so far because of your patience and kindness, thanks so much!

~ R.B., mother of student

Dear Miss Cathy, thank you for teaching me to play the violin. I will play it always because it is very fun.

~ S.G., student

Dear Cathy, I am so glad that I found you! You have given me such a great start with the violin and fiddle. I never thought I would find a teacher who teaches both! Thank you!

~ M.H., student

Dear Miss Cathy, thank-you sooooo much for being my teacher. I learn a lot from you and love to go to violin lessons with you.

~ H.P., student

Cathy Palmer is truly a skilled and patient teacher. Anyone lucky enough to take lessons from is her will be very glad they did!

~ B.W., father of student